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my artzz xD

check em out...and pooh bear will give you a cookie ;)
an imaginary one too :D


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Commission - Sebastian and Zara
Ahh it took a while but here's a commission for :iconhinatafox790:! So sorry for the wait, but ahh it's finally done, I think. Hehe ^.^ 
I hope it is to your liking. Let me know if there's anything you'd like changed :D
This particular drawing is of :iconhinatafox790:'s OC Zara with Sebastian from Black Butler. I haven't drawn digitally for a while so it was nice getting back into it.
Thanks so much for commissioning me! :hug: It was a great pleasure drawing this for you. I had a lot of fun ^.^ hehe. 


Zara Lionsdale (c) :iconhinatafox790:
Sebastian Michaelis (c) Yana Toboso
Art (c) :iconninjawithahat: 

Commissions are currently open. Feel free to note me if you're interested :)
A Spirit and Her Mask
Here's a watercolour painting I just finished. It's sort of based off this drawing that I did a while ago. 
I'm a little rusty with watercolours atm but I really want to get back into it. I've been playing around with them this past week and it has been fuuun. Though also a little aggravating cause I couldn't ctrl-z *gaspshockhorror* hehee. I kid. Except I did want to do fancy stuff with the watercolours but it didn't really turn out the way I wanted it to. Ohh well...i guess this just means more practice for me :P
A Night Out
Hey guys! Sorry for the long hiatus. I've been insanely busy. But I'm back and ready to rule the world...or something along those lines hehe. 
Anyways, this is a digital drawing of one of my main protagonist (his name is Shiro for now...we'll see how things go) in my comic-that-will-forever-be-in-progress. I'm playing around with different styles to figure out what my comic will end up looking like. I just need a style that matches the overall feeling of the story and is quick to do. So far I'm not a huuugeee fan of this particular style so I think I'll have to go back to the drawing board for now. Still, wish me luck guys! hehe xD

University, GHOSTS and Healer

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 14, 2015, 3:27 AM

Well hello *enter seductive wink-y face* 
So uh...well...I haven't been active in a long time, huh? Hahaha...aha...ha...ha...
Please don't kill me! 
I was skype-ing with :iconmellow234: today (actually I still am. I'm listening to her typing. We have great conversations.) We both decided we'd post a journal today (hence the reason why we're both listening to each other type...hahaha).
Soooo that's what I'm doing! 

My life has been super hectic recently. I started my first year at uni a couple of weeks ago soo I've been trying to sort out my life in regards to that. I kept changing my courses because I'm a total idiot and have no idea what I'm doing with myself. So that's been fun *sarcasm intended*. I do admit that I'm enjoying it so far. Though assessment hasn't really kicked in yet so OBVIOUSLY it's alright for now. The people there are SO BLOODY NICE. I don't even understand how people can be so friendly. It's kinda creeping me out tbh. 

The holidays were pretty entertaining as well, aside from the long periods of time where I'd roll on the ground drooling over food that I'm too lazy to eat and highly attractive actor guys that I'm probably google-ing at the time. Yeah...that's my life. *sigh*. I actually went on a few trips, funnily enough. I went to Tasmania and Melbourne during Christmas which was AMAZING. Tasmania is sooo pretty!! I was just staring at mother nature the whole time. I swear, she's so hot. Can't handle. We went to Port Arthur and omg something creepy happened!! Ok, so we decided to check out the 3rd most haunted house in Australia or whatever (I'm not sure, some lady said something about a haunted house and I was already half way to it by then) and obviously, being me, I was hoping for a ghost to pop out of no where. But, nothing turned up. My cousins and I took a billion pictures randomly just in case something would turn up in the pictures. But when we looked through it, we couldn't spot anything at all and so we went back to our hotel thoroughly disappointed. We stayed in Tasmania for a few day and finally flew to Melbourne to chill at my cousin's place. The night before I was meant to go back home to where I actually live, my other cousin comes over to say bye to me. During that time we decide to show her our photos, and well, that particular cousin is VERY good at spotting things. She is legit a ninja. So she was flicking through our photos and suddenly she's like:
"guys, what's that?"
So we turn around and we look at the picture, kinda confused. She was looking at a picture that we took with out family in front of the haunted house. She pointed at something and it turns out to be a weird shadowy figure standing behind my mum. It kinda looked like a man in a top hat lurking behind us. Obviously, you'd think its just some weird shadow that just looks like a guy in a top hat but you see, the pictures were taken from an ipad, and you know how you can spam the capture button and take a million pictures at once? Yeah, well my cousin did that and you can see that in all the other pictures that were taken a millisecond after, the figure isn't there. It's only in one picture. *gaspshockhorror*. Of course the man with a top hat was probably just some weird shadow that just happened to be there in that small millisecond or something but I feel like it's more entertaining saying that its a ghost. So that's what Ima do. It's a ghost guys. We totally saw a ghost.
Oh, another creepy thing happened when we went on ANOTHER trip. This time, it was a trip with just friends. It was for :iconsialegirl: 's birthday. We all went down to the middle of no where and hung out in a house/cabin type thing (with a sauna, may I add) and chilled for two nights. I think :iconmellow234: will mention this as well in her journal, but basically, :iconsialegirl: brought her nerf gun, right? And when we were driving up to the house-place-thing we specifically noticed how the nerf gun was missing two bullets. When we went to the actual house we obviously decided to attack each other with the nerf gun and when we went around collecting all the bullets, the missing two bullets somehow weren't missing anymore. We had somehow collected all the bullets that were meant to come with the nerf gun.
What even, right?!
So that was freaky.
We also heard alot of weird noises there. Like people walking on the roof. Maybe there were actually people walking on the roof but whatever. We decided we were in the presence of a friendly ghost who gives out free nerf gun bullets...and appreciates the art of rooftop walking.
But yeah, it was sooooo much fun. I can't handle how great it was. Especially the sauna moments. :iconsialegirl: you know what I'm talking about. ;)
That sounded unexpectedly seedy.
Basically, turns out excessive heat can turn a certain someone totally insane. 
It's definitely something you should witness at least once in your lifetime. Hahaha!!
So what else has been happening?
Oh right.

Ha. This could take a while.

Soooo I've been fangirling over all things Healer recently. For those who don't know, Healer is a Korean drama that I have somewhat recently (I guess it's not recent anymore cause it finished airing like a month ago) fallen madly in love with. I can't explain how much love I have for this show. It's just...ALL THEM FEELS!!! I mean, I don't even know specifically why I love it so much. But I just doooo okay!!! Do I really need to explain myself?? Just LOOK at Ji Chang Wook!! I feel like that in itself should be self explanatory. Hahaha but yeah, shallow reasons aside, the show has been crazy fun to watch. I was watching it while it was airing which was both amazing and bloody terrifying. I was constantly panicking as to whether or not people would die and trust me, my friends have heard me rant about it incoherently for sooo long that I feel like most of them have regretted being friends with me. But hey, it's a good time to figure out who your real friends are. Only the good ones stick around when you're going through an emotional-fangirl phase. I seriously give them all the imaginary cookies in the world for listening to me all this time. I was a tough one to handle, I'm sorry. But it cannot be helped! Healer was just a show that required as much fangirling as it could get. I was drowning in my own drool and tears for the past couple of months and growing slowly (or rather, rapidly) more delusional. I decided that Healer is real and that he will marry me in a couple of days. Sorry Chae Young Shin. He's mine now (even though i shipped you guys so hard it hurts. But I love myself more so is it so bad that I hope one day it'll start raining Healer? Please? I JUST WANT A HEALER GOD DAMMIT! And a shower scene....seriously, why didn't Healer have a shower scene? Yoo Ji Tae's one doesn't count. He was wearing a shirt.) 

But my engagement aside, I feel like one of the reasons why I enjoyed this show so much and regard it so highly is because of the fan base. I swear that hasn't happened before for me where the fan base has actually made the show a better experience. The lovely people on soompi and dramabeans are soo amazing. I legit had so much fun lurking and listening to you guys rant. All of you guys were dying and I just wanted to hug everyone. And every time I watched an episode live (yes, i did go as far as to watch it live even though I don't understand Korean) I felt like we were all huddling together in anticipation for each new moment the show could offer. It was the best feeling ever. Every squeal, every gasp would be echoed in unison all over the world. There was just this sense of ...completeness? Unity? I was strange but amazing. I just felt so close to people that I've never met before. And the inside jokes are the best. Seriously. You guys make me laugh way too hard. Waeeeee?? ;) ;) ;)
(see what I did there? Soompi girls, give me all that love plz)
But yeah, it made me realize how much effect good story telling can have on people. There is a reason why stories exist. It's not just to entertain, it is also to bring people together. I know that sounds super cheesy and lame but it really did happen with Healer and I know it happens with a lot of other good shows, books, movies, games, music, manga and anime etc etc. The only downside to experiencing something as amazing as this is that it's very hard to get over it. I swear, the withdrawal symptoms are PAINFUL. GAH. I'm still dying and its been a MONTH SINCE IT ENDED! WHATS WRONG WITH MEEEE!!!
But yeah, if you have watched healer or are a fellow kdrama fangirl, please rant with me PLEASE!! I CANT HANDLE LIFE! I NEED SOMEBODY TO TALK TO! GAH!

I think I'll end my Healer rant here. 
Soo what else have I been dying about? Did I ever mention how we (:iconmellow234: and :iconsialegirl:)finally finished The Last of Us? Well if I haven't then, well... WE FINISHED! And it was amazing! And i died. And hdhkdfjhshdashdlasjdas. Seriously, it is SUCH A GOOD GAME! GAH! I miss Joel and Ellie. I cant even - gah!

We started playing Uncharted which is fun as well. I like it but it's not giving me the same feels as the Last of Us. Right now, we're up to Uncharted 2 which is pretty great. We won't be able to play for a while though because of Uni but oh well...we'll survive I guess.

BUT YEAH! I think this journal is long enough as it is. 
If you actually managed to read all of this then have a virtual cookie. Or the thought of Ji Chang Wook having a shower. 
Soompi girls, did I just hear you all die? 
I'll see you guys in heaven. Or hell.  Take your pick. 

  • Listening to: Healer OST...ha...ha..I really am obsessed
  • Reading: Cheese in the Trap
  • Watching: Healer, Ho Gu's Love, Persevere Goo Hae Ra
  • Playing: Uncharted 2
  • Eating: CURRY!!!!
  • Drinking: TEA!!!

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Edible Ninja
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello children of the universe

Let me tell you a little about myself...

well here goes

Name: NinjaWithAHat


Likes: Manga, Anime, Korean dramas, art...eating, sleeping, scribbling and of course sitting :3 (obviously hasn't changed since...i was born obviously)

oh and of course i love my parentals ;) (*sigh* such a suck up)

Dislikes: Anything that is dislikable? (hasn't changed either...)

Occupation: World Dominator ...well at least i hope to be eventually :P (THIS WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY! YOU WILL ALL BE CRYING WHEN I RULE THE WORLD! GOT IT?!)

Favourite drink: Tea (forever and always <3)

Favourite Manga: Naruto, Noragami, fruits basket, Lovely Complex, Last Game, Pandora Hearts, Maid Sama, Dengeki Daisy, skip beat, Full Metal alchemist, Death Note, etc etc etc (there are more but im not bothered to list em all)

----- ----- -----

The status of:

Brain: Absent (still pending new one--sometimes I feel like I'll never get it)
Heart:Still beating (unfortunately for some)
Lung:probably on ebay... o.O ...not selling very well (yup...still no buyers...only i just recently found out that you weren't allowed to sell body parts on ebay...which makes this whole statement flawed...ohh well...)
Life: heart still beating ( bad guys, my bad!)
Stapler: stuck >.< ...actually i should probably re-check that status :P (which i did! And guess what, ITS BROKEN! Completely and utterly broken >.<)

------ ----- ------ ------

1.Get better at art (didn't happen last year, please happen this year! --EDIT--continues to suck at everything i do ^.^)
2.Reach 3001 veiws on DA (Ha! I reached this i want 7213043804739847387493074803 views! The older I get the greedier i shall become!--EDIT-- i have recently realized that goal is achievable so I think I'll go with a more realistic number like 10000)
3.uhh....i dunno...sleep more? (never succeeded in that...i think i'll keep this goal)
actually stuff those goals...

My goal is:

----- ---- ---- ----

anyways... hope that tells you enough about this child here :)

have fun with life....
I guess...
if you want..
your choice really...
I suppose...
Current Residence: your house ;)
Favourite genre of music: kpop, jpop....rock, pop, etc...
Favourite photographer: Bob?
Favourite style of art: manga :D basically only thing i can draw...i know im lame -_-
Operating System: do you mean computer??
MP3 player of choice: a box with buttons...pressable buttons xD
Shell of choice: edible one xD like those chocolate shells xD
Wallpaper of choice: POOH BEARS FACE
Skin of choice: that a racist comment?
Favourite cartoon character: FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST CHARACTERS!!!! And gaara xD
Personal Quote: "Nahh too much effort"

If you would like to ask me any questions or, y'know, talk to me in general, please do leave a comment or a note! You can also email me here:

Even if you just want to talk to a random stranger, go a head! SPILL YOUR HEART OUT :D I love listening to people. :)

yay you reached the end of my ID xD Have fun doing whatever your about to do with your life! Ta!


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NinjaWithAHat Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Omg hey! I'm sooooo sorry for the late reply! I've been so dead on this site, omg. 
I hope you've been doing okay! 
How are things? I'm so so glad to hear that you're doing better. I really hope you're okay :hug:
I'm seriously so sorry for being so absent. I've just been overloaded with life. But I'm back! Sorta. I hope. hehe
Anyways, tell me about things! Hows life been? 
I've really missed you! :hug:
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